Nobaday X Ten Hundred Board

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Nobaday X Ten Hundred Board 

“I think art should be for everyone. My goal is to make my art accessible to anyone no matter what your social status, or bank account, or knowledge of the art world. All that stuff is meaningless. Just love what you love.”

-- Ten Hundred


In March of 2018, artist and designer from Seattle, WA--Ten Hundred started cooperating with NOBADAY, and made this special design for NOBADAY's 2018 winter new snowboard collection.

Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) was born and raised in Michigan and moved around the United States before settling in Seattle in 2006.

He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work. He has shown work in Seattle, Portland, Denver and Los Angeles. He has murals in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Tokyo Japan and Buzios Brazil.

 He is inspired by cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, world cultures, religions, and folklore.

He spends his time creating fine art, gallery shows, running his shop “Statix” in Seattle WA, creating clothing, toys and figurines, designing art for businesses, and creating large murals all around the world.

When he was creating the art for these boards he had a story in his mind of two powerful sisters. Their names are Fauna Moon and Yuma Black.

They have super-human abilities and have strong connections to the natural world and wildlife. Ten Hundred imagined them going on many adventures.

They love wild style, forests and mountains and keep many pets. They are strong willed and don't like to be told what to do or how to live. 

They love bright colors and have a friendly competition with each other on who can wear the most vivid clothing. They exist in a strange and mysterious world where anything can happen.

Ten Hundred Snowboard in his shop "Statix" in Seattle 👆

Come and visit his shop in 210 South Washington Street, Seattle, WA, 98104, United States, or find it @

You can also e-mail him at for more information.




Riding Level: Intermediate

Terrain: Park

Bend: Camber

Shape: Twin

Personality: Medium

Width: Standard

Fiberglass: 600g Carbon Highlights


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