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7 Essentials You Need to Hit the Slopes - NOBADAY

7 Essentials You Need to Hit the Slopes

When you head out on a ski trip, there are certain essentials you need to have before hitting the slopes: snowboard, boots, snow pants, water resistant jacket. However there’s a lot of other accessories that you can add to make your mountain trip more fun by being safe and more comfortable. So what else do you need?

1.) Helmet

Helmets can protect your head from serious injuries but also provide other benefits like warmth and comfort. Helmets help hold everything in place, like your goggles (there’s a clip on the back of our helmets that your goggles strap clips under) and beanies. You never know when you’re going to catch the edge of your board, or when your attempting to learn a new trick!

2.) Goggles

Goggles protect your eyes from the snow, ice, tree branches and anything else you might encounter on the mountain. Our goggles provide 100% UV protection and enhanced anti-fog and scratch performance. They also are equipped with a high strength anti-collision frame to protect your eyes. We offer four different colored lenses for varying weather conditions; VLT 4 - For sunny days, VLT 3 - For partially clouded to sunny days, VLT 2 - For cloudy days and dusk, VLT 1 - For night and heavily clouded days.

3.) Protective Gear

We can’t ignore the fact, like most sports thy do come with a certain amount of risk. We have protective shorts, knee pads, and wrist guards in order to eliminate bruises and possible injuries. All of our protective gear is made out of a stretchy lightweight materials for close-fitting comfort, they are also a multi-sport all season gear.

4.) Masks

Mask can be pulled up over your nose and cheeks to help keep your face and neck warm as well as preventing frostbite. Another added benefit is blocking the wind and snow from rushing down the open space between your jacket collar and skin. Our face guards are lens safe an helmet friendly. They are made out of a water resistant hydrophobic fabric, that is breathable and has anti-fog technology fibers. Most importantly our face guards are 50+ SPF, say good by to raccoon goggle tans and wind burns.

5.) Mittens

Keeping your hands warm and dry are important for a fun ski trip. Our mittens have a layered waterproof fabric with elastic wrist cuffs to seal out the cold air. They also have a soft insulation lined with brushed fleece microfiber and a five-finger separate design for ultra-warmth

6.) Ski Socks

Cold toes are no fun! Don’t let that be a reason to leave the slopes early. Ski socks are designed for better integration with snowboard boots. Our socks keep your feet warm with moisture wicking fabric, while also allowing your feet to breath.

7.) Pockets or a Bag

Another necessities that is overlooked, is bringing a bag or wearing gear that has lost of pockets. When you’re on the mountain there’s little essentials that are nice to have on you while your boarding. Such as hand warmers, snacks to eat while on the lift, sunblock to prevent goggle lines, hydration packs, and last but not least chap stick. Store these necessities in your snow jacket pockets or a small light weight bag.

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