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Max Parrot

In October 2016, shortly after Nobaday began sponsoring Max Parrot, he stepped into the spotlight, strapped on his NOBADAY board, and landed the first ever Double Backside Rodeo, featured on ESPN’s X Games and the Dew Tour. That trick was his seventh “first ever,” and each year Max continues to push the sport to new heights. 

Max Parrot is a Canadian snowboarder who was born in Bromont, Quebec in 1994. Max is a legendary figure in the snowboarding world, making history in competitions and inspiring countless people through his resilience and social media presence. His story goes beyond just medals and accolades; it is a true depiction of courage, perseverance, and passion, which has injected more vitality and influence into the Nobaday brand.

Max Parrot developed a love for snowboarding at a young age, growing up near the Bromont ski resort in Canada. He started skiing at the age of two and transitioned to snowboarding at the age of nine. His father, Alain, was an alpine skier and a Canadian champion water skier, which fueled Max's passion for snowboarding.

However, Max's parents initially had reservations about him becoming a snowboarder due to concerns about the sport's risks. If he wanted a snowboard, he had to earn the money to buy one himself. So, at a young age, Max spent a year mowing lawns to save up enough money to purchase his first snowboard.

Max Parrot quickly made a name for himself with his daring maneuvers and skills in the global snowboarding scene. He won his first World Cup medal in slopestyle at his home event in Canada in 2012 and went on to claim numerous podium finishes in subsequent competitions, including eight World Cup victories in slopestyle and big air events.

At the age of 27, Max has earned a total of 13 X Games medals, including eight gold medals, two in slopestyle, and six in big air. In 2014, he became the second male athlete after Mark McMorris to win both big air and slopestyle events at the X Games.

Max’s success is no coincidence. Born and raised near Bromont ski area and having inherited the DNA of his father, an alpine ski racer national hopeful and Canadian waterski champion, Max was ideally placed to fully develop his natural talent for snow sports.

When Max was 9 years old, a friend of his received a snowboard for Christmas. Max really wanted his own, but his parents were reluctant, worried that snowboarding was more dangerous than skiing - the family sport. Max spent the next summer mowing almost every lawn in his neighborhood to save up enough money to buy his board in the fall.

In his first Winter Olympics appearance at the 2014 Sochi Games, Max achieved an impressive fifth-place finish in slopestyle. Four years later at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, he won the silver medal in slopestyle and placed ninth in big air.

However, in late 2018, Max was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, showcasing his bravery and resilience in battling the disease. After undergoing 12 rounds of chemotherapy, he announced in mid-2019 that he had overcome the illness.

Just two months after completing his final round of chemotherapy, Max made an astounding comeback to competition, winning the gold medal in big air at X Games Norway and releasing his personal documentary film, "Life as a Gold Medal." He has continued to achieve incredible results, winning the big air gold medal at X Games Aspen 2020. In early 2021, Max won the silver medal in big air at the Aspen World Championships, once again showcasing his potential for further success at the Winter Olympics.

Max Parrot is renowned for constantly pushing the limits of the sport with his technical prowess and diverse trick combinations honed through countless hours of training both on and off the slopes. He constantly tests and creates new tricks on trampolines, plastic ramps, and massive airbags, enabling him to reach new heights in snowboarding. He became the first snowboarder to complete back triple cork, double backside rodeo 1440, and quadruple underflip tricks in competitions.

The collaboration between Nobaday and Max Parrot is rooted in their shared spirit of breaking barriers and fostering innovation. Nobaday always challenges conventions and strives to bring new possibilities to snowboarding. Meanwhile, Max Parrot, whether through his remarkable performances in professional snowboarding competitions or his triumphant return after beating cancer, demonstrates unparalleled determination and resilience. Nobaday's innovative concepts and product technologies provide Max with better tools to surpass limits and create historic moments. The partnership between Nobaday and Max is not only about brand sponsorship but also represents a shared pursuit and alignment of spirits. It embodies the brand's spirit of pushing boundaries, challenging limits, and embracing innovation, ultimately bringing new possibilities to the world of snowboarding.

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