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Aoto Kawakami

14 years old, two times 1st Prize in All-Japan Championships (SS & SJ), one time 1st Prize in Junior World Championship  (Big Air U16). A young and super talented snowboarder Aoto Kawakami got a remarkable attention from the world. "I want to win the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022".


Aoto was deeply influenced by his father Masahiro, a hobbyist snowboarder. He got his first snowboard when he was 5 years old. After the first time he jumped successfully, he felt the charm of big air and started flying.


From around the 4th grade, Aoto came to attend special practice facilities in Obuse-machi, Nagano Prefecture, and learned tricks while seeing it. Now he gained the skill to be good at the great front of "Front Side Double Cork 1080" (2 turns, 3 turns).

"I snowboard almost every day, including overseas camps in the off season. Thanks for my parents, Masaru and Chiemi's enthusiastic support!. I cannot achieve all of these without them! " As a middle school student, Aoto have to practice in Nagano prefecture after school. Masaru and Chiemi pick him up everyday no matther how the weather is.


Chiemi says, "As long as Aoto wants to do it, we wishes to do his best to support him," 

As a result, at the Japan Snow Board Association (JSBA) All Japan Championship in March 2018, he won the straight jump and slope style and won the professional qualification. In the All Japan Ski Association (SAJ) All Japan Championship Slope Style of the same month, he gained a third place finish higher than Pyeongchang national team two players.

"I was afraid of injuries and I thought that I wanted to quit, but although I am feeling a sense of accomplishment when I was able to do a great gig, I really enjoyed it." Aoto talking about it is a crown at an international convention such as the Olympics. "I want to work harder from now on and I want to aim for further upwards".

Aoto joined NOBADAY in 2018.