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During the winter Season of 2018, our team rider Raymond Prentice also known as Rayllan, came to us and told us about a new video series that he wanted to create. We were immediately intrigued by the idea so we started discussing and finally made a plan for the rest of the season. The project started off in France where Ray and his friends were invited as special guests to one of the biggest winter snow Festivals. During the day they shredded and at night they partied and after an intense week of nonstop action, they headed off to Laax where they planned to settle for the rest of the season. Throughout the season they filmed in Laax but as the season started coming to an end there final stop was Finland. During the next month, we will be releasing the episodes on our website so make sure to stay tuned through our Instagram page @nobaday_sports in order to not miss out on the action. We hope you enjoy the series and can’t wait to show you what the coming episodes have in store.


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