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Nobaday Max Parrot Signiture Board

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Beijing Olympic gold medal winning board for Max Parrot. This board symbolized brave, strong, and confidence. The design of this board is coming from 3D visual artist Asser Esawiy who believes in collaging different ideas and creating a new perspective of view.

This is a twin shape, all mountain, and park board with carbon fibers running through. The X-shape cross carbon fiber provides better tension and take-off flexibility for riders. The two carbon fibers running through the center provide stronger tension for the riders to ensure their strength and optimize the experience. 


  • Terrain: All Mountain; park. For intermedia to advance riders.
  • Flex: 8 (1-10). Aggressive.
  • Shape: Twin shape; Medium.
  • Bend: Camber.
  • Base Ultra durable and low-maintenance, Nobaday’s highest grade IS7500 sintered base creates blistering speed that lasts all season. Infusing a specially formulated wax deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, Base 7.5K sintered material results in an ultra-durable base that stays wide open all season and in any condition. 
  • Fiberglass: The 800g tri-axial fiberglass distributed throughout the top and the bottom of the board provides stiffness, and the two crossed carbon fiber strips maximize the torsional strength of the board for better landings.
  • Core: Stronger and lighter aspen woods target specific areas of the core to provide pop, strength, and reduced weight.
  • Sidewall: The TPU Sidewall Protection Technology, which makes the board more durable and prevents damage upon collisions.
  • Laminates: The 4 carbon fiber stringers from nose to tail are feather light and adds explosive pop, precise edge control, reactive response, and smooth dampening to the board. The two straight carbon fiber strips from nose to tail maximize the torsional strength of the board for better landings.
  • Graphite: Graphite is added to help dissipating the static charges, reducing friction, and making the base faster.
  • Top Sheet:Matt 
  • Binding Compatibility: 2x4 Inserts
  • Warranty: 2 years




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